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"Morning Star" is based on the true-life story of Ms Christina Ratcliffe, a British entertainer who travelled to Malta to sing at The Morning Star nightclub, in Valletta's infamous Strait Street. Little did Christina know that Malta would become a part of her, heart and soul. 

Present-day, many years have passed since the war, Christina is in her apartment in St. Paul’s Bay, where she lives alone. Her life has changed drastically since her days as an entertainer. There’s a sense of nostalgia as Christina takes us back to an earlier time in her life which, whilst fraught with difficulty, was full of joy and excitement. 

Upon arrival in Malta, Christina immediately begins work entertaining the troops and locals. An instant hit.

One man, in particular, takes a deep liking to our Star. Although he's busy being a photo-reconnaissance pilot in the RAF, he makes it his priority to get to know Christina. Adrian Warburton, also known as Warby, is a dashing daredevil who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.


Christina and Warby soon fall in love and share a whirlwind of emotions. The sparks between them are electrifying and nothing seems to be able to get between their love. However, something very sinister takes hold of the world: the Second World War. The war tests the lovers' relationship as it slowly makes its way to Malta, a strategic naval base in the Mediterranean that is coveted by opposing forces. 

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